Our Floral Art designs are all original, and primarily one-of-a-kind pieces.
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What is floral art?

Floral art, also known as flower decoration, is a very modern, chic, style of floral design. The style is well known in Belgium and the Netherlands, Germany, and internationally, where primarily fresh flowers and botanicals are used. Permanently Chic Floral art pieces are made from semi- permanent and permanent materials such as dried botanicals, silk flowers, and other synthetic and natural materials, to create unique floral sculptures and designs. Seeing  is believing. View our brief slide show of examples of this unique new product.

How and where is it used?

Floral Art can be used anywhere that you would otherwise use a silk flower arrangement.  Permanently Chic Floral Art meets the needs of those who desire unique, contemporary home accent decor to add a splash of color to a monochromatic color scheme, punctuate a style, or make a bold statement.  For cutting edge permanent floral décor for your interior design or commercial design, choose Permanently Chic Floral Art!